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Destiny Beta

Jul 20 2014 02:37 PM | Airborne Commando in Articles

Humanity is on its last leg, living in the shadow of the Traveller which saved it so long ago and today we find ourselves getting a taste of what this will be like according to Bungie.

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We've Migrated our Server

Feb 07 2014 01:29 AM | svenkill in Articles

If you've been on our server recently, you've probably experienced the lag we were getting when we got over 55 players.  We've been in contact with our server host to try to resolve the issue.  They migrated our server to new hardware to hopefully allot us more resources whenever we get a full server to prevent the rubber band issue.

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Moved to Ranked with Map Vote

Jan 16 2014 02:11 AM | svenkill in Articles

Not many people like Official status because of the lack of options so we've decided to move to Ranked and added several new mods.

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China Rising expansion now available

Dec 08 2013 12:32 AM | svenkill in Articles

If you payed for Premium then you now have access to the China Rising expansion 2 weeks before it releases publicly.  Our server is now running only the new maps on Conquest to test run them.  

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Patch Coming Tomorrow

Dec 03 2013 01:46 AM | svenkill in Articles

Tomorrow comes the next patch that is addressing a lot of issues PC and PS4 gamers are having.  Things such as the "blur effect" and sound issues are among the fixes.

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Battlefield 4 is now out!

Oct 29 2013 07:22 AM | svenkill in Articles

Battlefield 4 just released a few hours ago.  Our server has been full since the first minute and we have been having a blast destroying everything.  There have been a few server side glitches we are trying to iron out....

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Battlefield 4 for PC Avaliable for Preload!

Oct 26 2013 06:40 PM | Airborne Commando in Articles

Great news for all those folks who preordered Battlefield 4 through Origin for digital download!

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DICE releases BF4 single player trailer

Oct 23 2013 04:07 AM | svenkill in Articles

DICE has just released a Battlefield 4 single player trailer that appears to be more like a movie trailer than a game trailer.  With Battlefield 4 closing in on its release date, the hype just keeps building and building.  After hearing about "Levolution" and the many other tweaks they have made to the Frostbite engine, the game is reaching close to cinematic CGI quality.  In full 1080 glory I sincerely thought I was watching a movie trailer of sorts.

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Over 900 rewards in BF4

Oct 20 2013 12:12 AM | svenkill in Articles

DICE just announced there will be over 900 rewards available in Battlefield 4.  That is impressive and something to keep everyone coming back for a very long time.

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BF4 Beta Closed

Oct 19 2013 09:13 PM | svenkill in Articles

If you didn't get to play in the BF4 Beta, you missed out on all the crazy action happening before the game released.  With skyscrapers falling, streets collapsing into basements, choppers weaving in and out of tall skyscrapers trying to take you out, there was almost too much to take in!

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