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China Rising expansion now available

If you payed for Premium then you now have access to the China Rising expansion 2 weeks before it releases publicly.  Our server is now running only the new maps on Conquest to test run them.  
I've ran through and optimized the server commands we were using to try to make things show up more detailed in the server browser window.  A few things are still broken on EA's side and once we get a patch released we will update our server to the latest.  One of the things broken right now is the Experience category.  There is no category to place the server in a quickmatch listing for China Rising maps only unless we go with Air Superiority, so for now we are running with no vars.mpexperience so we can have our own custom map rotation.  The downside...we will not gather players that only click the quickmatch button, you have to find and join us through the server browser window.  But, unlike a lot of other people, we aren't experiencing lag on the server side!  
Come check out the new maps with us and help us keep our server full!  See you on the server!