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Destiny Beta

Humanity is on its last leg, living in the shadow of the Traveller which saved it so long ago and today we find ourselves getting a taste of what this will be like according to Bungie.
Hello fellow gamers,
Wether you are here by accident or have been visiting this page for awhile thank you for stopping by to read this article about the new and upcoming game Destiny. While I haven't had an opinion on it until recently I'm very happy to say Bungie appears to be living up to its repuation with the latest beta prior to the game coming out.
I was given the oppurtinity to participate in the beta by a friend who preordered the game for PS4 a year ago and happened to have some extra keys and not wanting to say no due not having any expectations for the game I decided to give it a try and I was really impressed. The game felt like a true Bungie game, to which it feels like Halo but without being Halo.
Right out of the gate you start off running and then fighting for your life with your companion ghost which has choosen you as its pet to help save the world. Playing as one of the three classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) you find yourself having to apply your skills in an apporiate manner as you unlock them. During my experience in the beta I played as a Titan and was I in love like a high school senior going to prom with the gal of the night. I found myself more of often than not forgoing the firearm to try and punch enemy groups to death after I hit them with a flashbang grenade.
The player-vs-player round I played felt like a Halo deathmatch with capturing points involved and many new features. Vehicular mayhem, folks in different gear and armor, and people in varying roles trying to dominate the game in the name of their team. I found myself constantly shifting between my primary firearm to my special firearm and when the ammo dropped my heavy firearm. Trying to take and hold points for my team, which was 50/50 most times if I was going to achieve my goal. However after giving a few butt-poundings and receveing  more the round was over and my team celebrated by going our seperate ways.
The final part I enjoyed was matchmaking, I am unaware of what the maximum party size will be late game but the dungeon matchmaker avaliable in the beta was definatly enjoyable. Right now the average dungeon fireteam size looks to be 3, which will hopefully have some that require more just due to the fact a few friends might have to sit a fight out or go on their own adventure to avoid gamer ADD striking and ending up in another game entirely. I digress however, the overall format of the dungeon started out like any other level which left me kinda hanging as most levels I could tear through on my own without challenge so with a few more people it seemed like a flop. This didn't last long as soon my team found itself fighting bosses which required some thought to beat. Having to shoot specific parts to cause an action to which you could multiply your damage was defintily excting but the boss had its own tricks up it sleeves, while I wouldn't rate these tricks as super impressive they were effective in killing my fireteam at one point or another multiple times thought the fight. A few times I ran out of ammo in the fight, however luckily its like the add-minions know when to show up so they can be relieved of their ammo with a fist to the face so I can contiune my fight against the boss character with my fireteam. In the end my fireteam despite the lack of any voice communication or coordination at all proved victorious and reaped the rewards our dungeon experience.
So there are a few things in closing I feel worth mentioning that I didn't touch with the article. First I'm not quite sure how the loot system works, there is no rolling which means either its first come first serve on pick up or its the Diablo III system of everyone gets their own loot drop. Second identifying higher than white quaility items, your making a trip back to the main city under the traveller, inconvient but acceptable. Finally third, the skill tree thus far doesn't seem very intuative however with only 8 levels avaliable in the beta it could lead to the misconception or the felt lack of customization of your characters skill build.
If your still reading thanks for sticking around and hopefully you find yourself in a fireteam with a good crew by the end of the month with someothers in Destiny be it on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, or Xbox 360 (but not PC? Really Bugnie? Not kosher).
May the Farce be with you,