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DICE releases BF4 single player trailer

DICE has just released a Battlefield 4 single player trailer that appears to be more like a movie trailer than a game trailer.  With Battlefield 4 closing in on its release date, the hype just keeps building and building.  After hearing about "Levolution" and the many other tweaks they have made to the Frostbite engine, the game is reaching close to cinematic CGI quality.  In full 1080 glory I sincerely thought I was watching a movie trailer of sorts.
Now I know what most of you are thinking, "Oh this guy, just another one of those single player guys that rarely gets on servers and gets his fragging on."  What you don't know is that I travel a lot.  With spotty internet service here, there, and everywhere, sometimes you can not get online to save your life.  So I resort to single player games.  Now Battlefield 3 had a fairly decent campaign experience.  The story was a little weak in places where it seemed like DICE was wanting to show off the Frostbite 2 engine more than actually develop a story line, not to mention the fact you jumped around from character to character just so they could get you in a tank or fly as a co-pilot in a F-18.  But Battlefield 3 did it's job in the entertainment business.  Now Battlefield 4 on the other hand, looks like a much better cinematic experience.  Granted, I'm gathering my opinion from 2 trailers.  It appears to have a much more articulated story line with well fleshed out characters. 
The one thing I've always loved about video games is the ability to get the same entertainment as watching a movie but also being able to participate in the "movie".  Battlefield 4 seeks to deliver this experience to all those fans out there who don't always want to play online or who can not for some reason.  My anticipation is building every day I see a new video or read a new article on DICE's blog and I hope yours is too.  I think Battlefield 4 will finally be able to overcome Call of Duty.  I've already won over all of my friends by just showing them the trailers, but what do you guys think?
The trailer can be found in the video section of our site HERE.
For the full article from DICE at Battlefield.com go HERE.