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Over 900 rewards in BF4

DICE just announced there will be over 900 rewards available in Battlefield 4.  That is impressive and something to keep everyone coming back for a very long time.
There will be a much more refined upgrade path.  It looks like DICE will be keeping close to Battlefield 3 in how upgrades and awards worked but refining and adding to the system.  
Collecting points is no longer a hassle when trying to capture points or disarm objectives.  As soon as you attempt to capture a point or perform any objective, you will begin to receive points, even if the objective isn't completed.  If the objective is completed, you will receive an even larger sum of points.
Unlocks are also changing.  Instead of unlocking weapons and add-ons one at a time, you now receive battepacks which are a randomized pack of unlocks.  Instead of having a ton of unlocks you are watching and trying to get, now you just have to rank up and get these battlepacks to receive your unlocks.
Check out the rest of the details here.